Sesame Tahini and Sesame Butter


Sesame Tahini is often used as an ingredient in hommous and salad dressings, but it also can be used as a spread on toast (I like to add a little salt or mix it with maple syrup), or you can use it in recipes to make cookies and fruit and nut balls. Unhulled ground Sesame is called Sesame Butter, offering a slightly different taste, but having more calcium than traditional hulled sesame seeds. It can be used in the same way as Sesame Tahini is used. At Country Fresh, all of our Sesame Tahini and Sesame Butter is made from dry roasted natural or organic seeds - nothing else added! Sesame helps to maintain healthy skin and also helps to keep the nervous system functioning properly. It also is one of the best sources of copper, iron and phosphorus.

6 20553-10201 5 NB-03 Organic Sesame Butter 225g
6 20553-10021 9 NB-04 Sesame Tahini - Organic 12/250g
6 20553-10111 7 NB-05 Sesame Tahini - Organic 12/500g
  NB-09 Sesame Tahini - Organic 4 kg
  NB-17 Sesame Tahini - Organic 20 kg
  NB-14 Sesame Tahini - Organic - Raw 4 kg
6 20553-10102 5 NB-06 Sesame Tahini 12/250g
6 20553-10003 5 NB07 Sesame Tahini 12/500g
  NB-10 Sesame Tahini 4 kg
  NB021 Sesame Tahini 20 kg
  NB-11 Sesame Tahini - Raw 4kg