Peanut Butter


peanut butters


Peanut Butter is one of the most popular and tasty foods in the world. It has a high level of heart healthy monosaturated fats, protein and Vitamins B and E. It also is a good source of dietary fibre. At Country Fresh, our Peanut Butter is made only from natural or organic dry roasted peanuts - nothing else! No added salt, sugar, oils and emulsifiers are used because we want our nut butters to be pure! Enjoy Country Fresh Peanut Butters with bread or crackers, or use it in your favourite dessert recipes. Use it to make a spectacular peanut sauce. Some people have been known to eat it directly from the jar…

6 20553-10001 1 NB24 Peanut Butter Smooth - Organic 12/500 g
  NB-28 Organic Peanut Butter - Smooth 4 kg
6 20553-10002 8 NB25 Peanut Butter Crunchy - Organic 12/500 g
  NB-29 Organic Peanut Butter - Crunchy 4 kg
6 20553-10005 9 NB26 Peanut Butter Smooth - Natural 12/500 g
6 20553-10005 6 NB27 Peanut Butter Crunchy - Natural 12/500 g
  NB43 Peanut Butter Smooth - Natural 4 kg
  NB44 Peanut Butter Smooth - Natural 4 kg